Who We Are

Bootleg Inc. was formed as a sister company of Primary Weapons Systems (PWS)  in 2015, with a sole focus on Direct Impingement or DI accessories and builder education.  Our goal is to provide quality products and information for anyone that would like to build an AR. We will have a searchable database for frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that has not been answered, please let us know.


Extruded from 6061 aluminum with mil spec hard anodizing, the Bootleg handguard is a great update to your build.

It features a full length mil spec Picatinny top rail, and the BCM KMR mounting to system to allow for an easy installation on new builds, or a replacement of an existing BCM KMR handguard

PicMod Technology

The exclusive integrated PicMod technology allows most Picatinny accessories to mount without adapters, while preserving a seamless flat KeyMod mounting surfrace. The BCM KMR hardware comes standard as a mounting feature.

Lengths & Ergo

The bootleg handguard comes in 15, 13.4 and 9.2 inches, designed to work with barrels that are 16, 14.5, and 10.5 inches or longer, respectively. At just 1.675 inches wide and 2.05 inches tall, the Bootleg handguard is an incredibly comfortable piece of hardware to use.


The skeletonized design allows for an incredibly lightweight and comfortable platform for your next build.

Lightweight Adjustable Carrier

The Bootleg Lightweight Adjustable Carrier is machined from S7 Tool Steel, and features a four setting vent system to relieve excess gas pressure from suppressor use.


The Bootleg Lightweight Adjustable Carrier is strong, machined from S7 tool steel with a Lithium Embedded Salt Nitro-Carburized Treatment.


With four settings on the Adjustable Vent System, you're able to relieve excess gas pressure created from suppressor use. This adjustment can be turned while the LAC is installed in the rifle, and lengthens the dwell and reduces blowback on the shooter.

Lightweight & Accessible

Even with our unique, lightweight design, the LAC uses standard mil spec components, including a staked mil spec gas key, so need need to worry about proprietary parts. The adjustment pin is easily removed for cleaning.

Upper Receiver

The Bootleg upper receiver is machined from 7075 aluminum and mil spec hard anodized. It features a lightweight design and upgraded features to start your build off right.

Lightweight Design

The Bootleg upper receive comes in at 6.2 oz stripped, a full .8 oz lighter than a mil spec upper receiver, and 1.7 oz lighter than a mil spec upper receiver when hardware is installed.

Upgraded Features

The forward assist has been eliminated for weight savings and a reduced snag risk. We've also captured the dust cover door point, eliminated the need for the E-Clip

Barrel Mounting

We've increased the barrel mounting circumference, maintaining a solid barrel to receiver interface, and have increased accuracy with an interference fit barrel extension interface.