5 Items The Best Shooters Carry in Their Gun Range Bags, Part One

You own a gun, and you like to shoot it. But do you know what all great shooters have in their gun range bags? In this article, Bootleg will share some of the most common items alongside some of the must-have gear every great shooter ought to have in their range bags.

As a gun owner, you aim to be the best at shooting downrange. Whether you use your rifle for ranch protection or a weekend hobby, you will benefit from having the right items in your bag every time you head to the range. What’s more, the right items make it so your time at the range is not wasted.

5 Items Every Gun Range Bag Ought to Carry

When you head to the range, do you have everything you need? As an experienced shooter (or one training to be experienced), you know exactly what it takes to have a good session at the range. You’re always looking for ways to improve, whether it be efficiency, effectiveness, or form. One way you can take your shooting to the next level is to reduce the mental capacity it takes to “worry” about what’s in or not in your gun range bag. Here are five items you need to pack before your next trip to the range:

1. Ear and Eye Protection

You may already be losing your hearing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect the hearing you have left. Most shooters do wear ear protection, as well as eye protection. This protection is more to protect your ability to continue shooting than it is to keep your ears and eyes healthy. Granted, you could still shoot without your hearing or your sight, but it’s way more enjoyable to see your bullet pierce the target downrange exactly where you were aiming.

2. Rifle and Ammunition

Before you head to the gun range, make sure your rifle and ammunition are packed. Trust us, we’ve heard more stories about people forgetting their rifles at home than you can imagine. Keep your rifle and ammunition separate. Your rifle ought to be unloaded with the safety on. And don’t forget to pack the correct ammo, too. This is something that some gun range shooters pay for when they get to the range and realize they brought the wrong ammo. Do your best and check your bag before you leave.

3. Phone

You may be getting away from the stress of life when you choose to head down to the range, but you still need to take your phone with you. If for nothing else, your phone can help you research better shooting tactics while you’re sitting in the truck eating a juicy burger from your favorite fast-food joint. Otherwise, you want to let your loved ones know where you’re going and when you expect to return. This gives them peace of mind and gives you the space to go enjoy shooting your rifle for a few hours.

4. Wallet

Do not forget your wallet, identification, or any certifications you’ve earned. One of the worst positions you can be in is carrying a rifle without any identification when you get pulled over for running that light that was still yellow — we believe you. However, the police will do their due diligence in determining if you’re the rightful owner and carrier of the rifle, as well as determine if you ought to be driving your vehicle. This isn’t a dig on the police, but follow the law.

5. First Aid Kit

The primary reason for a first aid kit is to have a response to injury when you may not have one available. It’s important to understand a minor response is better than no response in most injury situations. Remember, we only have so much blood in our bodies, and a first aid kit could be the difference between life or death. Finally, accidents are unexpected, and a first aid kit can help you address minor or moderate injuries before you can get to a medical expert.

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