5 Items The Best Shooters Carry in Their Gun Range Bags, Part Three

The best gun range bag has at least 15 items in them. The best shooters in the industry understand what they need while shooting at the range, and they keep these items in their bag. The less mental energy they have to use on “remembering” if they brought something, the better. They are focused on their target down range, not if they remembered the first aid kit mentioned in part one of this series.

When it comes to your AR-15 accessories and your gun range bag, you want to keep the items you need the most in the bag. Your shooting sessions at the range include more than your rifle, ammunition, and your target. Shooting is a multi-leveled process that starts before you decide to visit the range.

At Bootleg, we want you to continuously be advancing your shooting skills and experience. One part of this advancement is the collection of accessories you use while shooting. You want only the best AR-15 accessories. Another part is what you take to the range with you. In part one and part two of this series, we shared 15 gun range bag items. In this article, we will share five more items that the best shooters keep in their bags.

The Best Shooters Keep These 5 Items in Their Gun Range Bags

As a shooter, precision is your ultimate metric. It may feel good to rip off a few rounds down range, not caring where they strike. However, if you want to be a great shooter, you aim for accuracy. Here are five more items the best shooters keep in their gun range bag:

11. Gloves

It may seem odd to wear gloves while shooting, but you won’t understand the value until you actually need them. This is why taking gloves with is better than not having them when you need them. A hot barrel, long shooting sessions, or cold day are all common reasons to wear gloves while you shoot. And they don’t have to be expensive “shooting” gloves. They can be your $15 mechanics gloves from your local hardware store. Keep it simple and protect your hands.

12. Water and Snacks

When you get to shooting, you may dial in your focus that you lose track of time. This is normal. You’re committed to getting better as a shooter, and you need all of your energy to train. There is a negative consequence of extreme focus. You forget to do other things like eat, drink, or stretch. Keep at least a day’s worth of snacks and water in your gun range bag. This will make it so that if you do forget to break for 30 minutes to eat, you can at least keep yourself fed and hydrated while you push through the training.

13. Batteries

Do you use electronics while shooting? Do you have a timer that’s battery powered? Keep at least two sets of batteries in your bag for the items that may need them. Batteries for electronics have a great lifespan, but when they go out, you’re out of luck — unless you have these batteries already stored in your bag.

14. Range Finder

Want to improve your accuracy as a shooter? Know how far you’re shooting. A range finder, even at the range, can be a great tool to use and train with. Ranges don’t always get their distance right, and in some cases, those ranges are from a different point than where you’re shooting from. You can eyeball it and get close. Instead, you can use a rangefinder to get the exact metrics to shoot with precision.

15. Sunscreen, flashlight, and heavy duty trash bags

Whether the sun is beating down on your neck, or you’re shooting at night, some sunscreen and a flashlight can make the difference between short and long shooting sessions. After each session, you can use your heavy duty trash bags to pick up the used casings, as well as toss your gun range bag inside to keep it from getting drenched (or you buy a waterproof bag).

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