5 Items The Best Shooters Carry in Their Gun Range Bags, Part Two

A gun range bag is just as important as the rifle you carry inside of it. Without the proper equipment or gear, going to the range is a waste of time. What you want in your gun range bag will differ compared to your other shooting buddies. However, there are some common items that every great shooter carries.

If you missed it, part one of this two-part series is available to see the first five items the best shooters carry in their gun range bags. In this article, you will find five more items. Keep your bag ready for the range, and you’ll never forget the essentials.

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5 More Gun Range Bag Items

6. Multi-tool and Allen Wrench Set

When you want to adjust your rifle, how do you make that happen? For most, a multi-tool or specific Allen wrench set that fits their rifle is the best way to do this. You will want one or both in your gun range bag. Without tools like this, you will be stranded at the gun range unable to adjust your rifle, or you will need to make new friends at the range and immediately borrow their tools — and we all know how much you like to make friends.

7. Glass Lens Cleaner and Cleaning Cloths

As you sight in your target down range, you notice a smudge on the glass. It distracts you from focusing on your target. Make sure you can clean these types of smudges with glass lens cleaner and cleaning cloths. It may be somewhat effective to use your shirt sleeve to clean your lenses, but cleaner and a rifle-lens cleaning cloth are better for your equipment.

8. Ball Cap

The sun, wind, and other’s glares can all be averted with a velcro-back, curved-bill ball cap. When you’re focusing in on your shooting, you probably want to be left alone. A great way to find your focus is to limit your own vision. In all truth, a ball cap can help set the tone for your shooting session. Want to lighten up and talk to some buddies while at the range? Tip that hat back a bit or turn it around. There’s a place and time for shooting guns, as well as a place and time for talking with friends.

9. Tape

It’s time you start believing in the power of tape. MacGyver used tape to get out of tight situations. Your gun is not too good to leverage the use of tape, nor are your fingers. In some cases, tape is all you’ve got left to bandage a wound or even cover up some blisters. You can also use tape to cover bullet holes on targets to maintain target integrity. Finally, you can use tape to cover the weak eye on your shooting glasses. Tape is versatile, and it’s time you start using it more often.

10. Gun Oil

Lubrication of your rifle is super important. Rifles that are not lubricated regularly eventually fail. If you want to keep your rifle in tip-top shape, you want to lube it often. Depending on the age and how often you use your rifle, lubrication may be needed less or more. For most, lubricating your rifle as a part of your cleaning routine is the best practice.

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