Bootleg Inc. started as a sister company of Primary Weapons Systems (PWS), Bootleg offered help to serve the PWS dealers looking for Direct Impingement solutions for their customers. This was accomplished by their flagship product the Bootleg Adjustable Bolt Carrier Group. The carrier is adjustable through the ejection port and can fine tune the system’s gassing issues for the unsuppressed shooter and eliminate all extra gas for suppressed shooters.

Since the creation of the AR 15 adjustable carrier Bootleg has continued to expand their product lines and now serves all aspects of a Direct Impingement upper receiver build. This was improved upon recently with the launch of their new AR-15 CamLok handguard (equipped for M-Lok attachments).

Since separating from PWS, Bootleg is being operated by husband and wife team Andrew and Becca Pike. Andrew was a member of the 1/505 PIR; 82nd Airborne Division and was confined to a manual wheelchair from injuries sustained by a sniper while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Andrew and Becca met each other at a fundraiser event “All In All The Time-Tommy V Challenge” and continued to develop their relationship while both employed for PWS. Andrew is a current member of the United States Para National Archery Team and travels the world representing the United States once again. Becca manages Bootleg’s operations and production; all while managing four children from home. Becca is the rock of Bootleg and continues to help bring new products to the table to better improve Bootleg’s abilities to serve its customer base.

This husband and wife team continues to push on and is devoted to building a strong customer and dealer relationship. They have loved being a part of this industry and enjoy staying up with all the industry contacts they have made along the way. If you have any questions on the Bootleg product line reach out to them via email, and remember Bootleg Inc; Built not Bought!

We have a list of Frequently Asked Questions as well as an Education Center for new and old owners alike. If you have a question that has not been answered about our handguard rail, carrier group, or something else, please let us know.