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AR-15s for Dummies

Odds are, you’ve at least heard of AR-15s, having been used in mass shootings by people who should never have had the firearm in the first place. If not, it’s guaranteed that you have seen them in movies. These guns are extremely popular, with the estimates running somewhere between 5 and 15 million Americans who own one. But why? What’s the fascination with AR-15s?


Bootleg, Inc provides high-quality products for anyone who would like to build their own AR-15 rifle. These firearms are easy to customize and make them your own, including making them comfortable for you to shoot. Just like you’d customize your car with leather seats, sun roof, and heated steering wheel, you can customize your AR-15 with AR accessories. We offer AR-15 handguards, AR-15 carriers, AR15 upper receivers, AR parts, and more. Below, we’ll take a look at what exactly is an AR-15 and why they are so very popular. Visit us online, and order your AR accessories today!

ar-15s for dummies bootleg



An AR-15 off the shelf of your local gun store is a lightweight, semi-automatic rifle. Bullets are loaded into a magazine, or clip, for firing and are usually 30 rounds in a clip. Nowadays, AR-15s come in different sizes, so we’ll be referring to the classic 5.56 mm AR-15 in this article. The military adopted this firearm and renamed it the M16. Originally designed by American gun manufacturer, ArmaLite in 1956, it was made for high-velocity cycling and a smaller-caliber bullet so that the army could carry more ammunition.


The “AR” stands for “ArmaLite Rifle,” not assault rifle. That is a modern term applied to the AR-15. This firearm is reliable, accurate, and durable. Since it was the official firearm of the military for decades, there are hundreds of parts, AR accessories, clips, and more for it.




However, what makes the AR so popular is its functionality and ease of use. It has a light recoil and can be ergonomically designed to suit your shooting style and comfort. It’s easy to shoot, affordable, and due to the abundance of parts and its popularity, it is easy to repair and maintain.  It is used for many purposes, from hunting to recreational shooting, and it is easy to accessorize and make your own. In addition, many people build their own AR-15s from scratch, since all you truly need is just a few tools. Throw in the fact that shooting an AR-15s is downright fun, and you’ve got a winning combination for popularity! Bootleg offers PicMod Handguards and AR 15 CamLok Handguards that are super easy to install on your AR-15. These AR accessories are backed by Bootleg’s lifetime warranty and are available in different lengths. Shop our AR handguards today!




The answer is: it depends. This is Bootleg’s answer to anyone who asks us about firearms, whether you are thinking about buying a handgun, shotgun, rifle, or an AR. It completely depends on what you are looking for in a gun and what you intend to use it for. AR-15s are great for:


  • Personal protection. As semi-automatic guns, you can fire off a lot of rounds quite quickly, which makes them great for personal protection. Even if you miss and aren’t the greatest shot, odds are, you will at least hit something.
  • Hunting. AR-15s make great hunting rifles. They are lightweight, so you can carry them all day while tracking game. You can shoot multiple rounds quickly, so if you wound an animal, you can take it down before it runs away injured. They are durable, so they can withstand the inclement weather you often have while hunting.
  • Fighting. Even though the US military discontinued the use of new M16s (effectively AR-15s) about five years ago, this firearm is still in wide use and is still the go-to weapon of choice for international countries. It’s accuracy and superb design make it an excellent weapon for fighting.
  • Practice. You will only ever get good at shooting by practicing. AR-15s have affordable ammunition, and because they are fun to shoot, you’ll shoot them more, especially if you customize your AR-15 rifle with AR accessories, such as Bootleg’s handguards, carriers, or upper receivers.
  • Competition. Shooting competitions are super fun. You get together with a bunch of other gun enthusiasts and enjoy one of your favorite pastimes together, all the while trying to beat each other and show off your skills. Plus, AR-15s come in a variety of styles and barrels, which can help to improve your accuracy.




Like any hobby, you want to be comfortable while doing it. Bootleg specializes in making your AR-15 shooting more enjoyable by offering AR parts so you can customize yours. We aim to offer you the AR parts you need to build your custom AR rifle. From handguards to carriers, upper receivers, and completion kits, our AR-15 accessories will ensure your AR is made just how you like it. Both our PicMod Handguard and our CamLok Handguards have a top rail so you can add on more AR accessories. Our carriers are all precision machined, and we carry both an adjustable carrier and a Mil-Spec carrier. Our upper receivers are made from 7075 aluminum, which is the same type of aluminum fighter jets are made from. Our Bootleg Mil-Spec Complete Upper Receiver has a 1913 rail for mounting your favorite AR accessories. 


In addition, we offer a Bootleg A2 Flash Hider/Crush Washer Set to reduce visibility when firing. We offer gas tubes and gas blocks, as well as a Carrier completion kit for all your extra AR part needs. Finally, we offer our 5.56 Charging Handle, which is the AR part that allows you to pull the bolt to the rear during loading and unloading, as well as clear any malfunctions. 


Bootleg aims to offer you the best AR parts to customize your firearm and make it easy to use. Order your AR parts today!

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