Assemble the Bolt Carrier Assembly

The Bolt Carrier Assembly consists of:

  • Bolt
  • Bolt Carrier
  • Bolt Cam Pin
  • Firing Pin
  • Firing Pin Retaining Pin
  • AR-15 Bolt Assembly
  • 1.AR-15 Bolt

*Note: The bolt is complete and ready to be installed in the bolt carrier group.

The Shilen Barrel we selected is match quality and the manufacturer headspaces and numbers the bolt (included with the barrel) to each barrel.

1. AR-15 Bolt Carrier

Push the bolt all the way into the end of the bolt carrier; making sure the hole through the middle of the bolt aligned with the hole directly under the bolt carrier key (hollow tube that is attached by two screws to the bolt carrier). Make sure the bolt is positioned so that the extractor is on the left side of the bolt when looking at the bolt face.

2. AR-15 Bolt Cam Pin and Bolt Carrier Group

Insert the bolt cam pin through the large hole in the bolt carrier (just under bolt carrier key). The holes in the bolt cam pin will need to be perpendicular to the bolt carrier key in order for the bolt cam Pin to clear the bolt carrier Key for insertion. If the bolt cam Pin will not go into the bolt, check the bolt orientation,as it may need to be rotated 180 degrees. Once the bolt cam pin is inserted, rotate the bolt cam pin 1/4 turn so the large holes in the bolt cam pin are lined up with the front and back of the bolt carrier and the firing pin can slide through.

3. AR-15 Firing Pin and Bolt Carrier

Slide the firing pin through the bolt carrier (toward the bolt) until it stops.

4. AR-15 Bolt Carrier and Firing Pin Retaining Pin

Insert the firing pin retaining pin through the bolt carrier making sure the round end of the pin is nestled all the way into the large recessed side of the bolt carrier. Since the bolt carrier is hollow, the firing pin retaining pin needs to go through the hollow part of the inside of the bolt carrier and enter the hole on the other side before it emerges on the other side. It can be a little tricky to achieve this alignment and pounding on the pin will not help. Once in proper alignment, this pin should slide in easily.

5. Test the bolt to make sure it moves in and out of the bolt Carrier freely.

AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Assembly is now Complete.

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