Want A New AR-15 Handguard? Here’s What To Look For

Did you start your AR-15 handguard search online yet? Have you spent hours searching “best AR-15 accessories” in your favorite search engine? If you’re confused, overwhelmed, or have seventeen different handguards on your list, you’re not alone. A common hurdle for shoppers in the AR-15 accessory category is the abundance of options. When you look […]

A Brief History Of The AR-15

Did you know that the AR in AR-15 stands for ArmaLite? A common misconception has rattled around Western society that AR stands for “assault rifle.” In fact, the company that designed, produced, and manufactured one of the best selling rifles of all time would name their product in this way. As one of the most […]

How Interchangeable are AR 15 Accessories?

The short-and-sweet answer is pretty darn. You will likely hear it time and time again from AR 15 enthusiasts: one of the biggest advantages this firearm has over so many others is how easily customizable it is, from the charging handle to the barrel length and beyond. As we discussed in our past blog, the […]

Picking a Handguard Rail System For Your AR 15

Choosing a handguard doesn’t seem like it’s that much of a decision; after all, it’s just an added bit of material to protect your hands as your AR’s barrel heats during firing. It’s not even a required component so, as long as it does the job, that’s all that matters, right? False. A handguard ought […]

A Brief History of the AR-15

Have you ever wondered about the progression that took humans from gunpowder and explosive (and exploding) metal weapons to the highly engineered firearms of today? The easy answer is centuries of research, development, and experimentation, but, as with anything in history, there is more to it than that. Every component of your AR 15, from […]