Top Reasons to Own an AR-15, Part 1 bootleg

Top Reasons to Own an AR-15, Part 1

Back in the day, there was little choice in firearms. There were limited brands, and almost all types operated the same way. You could choose from a pistol, a shotgun, or a rifle. While these evolved over time to become a bit more technical, the selection of firearms remained very much the same. It wasn’t […]

Shop Bootleg This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and you’re running out of ideas for your loved ones. After all, it’s hard to shop for those who seem to have it all. Nevertheless, everyone always wants something; the key is finding out what that is. Bootleg, Inc makes the best custom AR parts and accessories, including AR-15 handguards, […]

Why Every Woman Should Own an AR-15 bootleg inc

Why Every Woman Should Own an AR-15

AR-15s are nothing short of an amazing piece of machinery. These versatile weapons have surged in popularity with no signs of slowing down. In fact, one out of every five firearms purchased in the United States is an AR-style rifle, making the number of ARs in the United States close to 20 million. Part of […]

Why Survivalists Need an AR bootleg

Why Survivalists Need an AR

Survival is a basic human instinct that we all have deep inside of us. In fact, sometimes we do things that we don’t necessarily understand because of this instinct. Since the dawn of time, our activities have mainly focused on doing the things we need to do to survive. From hunting animals to building shelters, […]

shell deflector bootleg

Parts of an AR-15: Shell Deflector

Guns have sure changed since their first invention. They have gone from relatively simple machines with a handle and a tube (more or less) that used black powder to send a bullet forward rather inaccurately to our modern day firearms that are made from the best metals and plastics, last an extremely long time if […]

charging handles for ar-15 bootleg

Parts of an AR-15: Charging Handle

Most people have never heard of a charging handle, even some who are acquainted with firearms. This is because a charging handle is only found on semi-automatic and fully-automatic rifles, such as the AR-15 and the M2 machine gun. If you own a pistol, the slide serves the same function as a charging handle, which […]

grips on your ar-15 bootleg

Parts of an AR-15: Grips

“Get a grip!”   This is an expression that usually means to get a hold of yourself or grasp a piece of information. This expression holds true for AR-15 enthusiasts as well. When shooting your AR-15, it’s important that you do have a good grip on your firearm so that you can actually shoot what […]

muzzle accessories ar-15 bootleg

Parts of an AR-15: The Muzzle

When you hear the word “muzzle,” you might think of your dog’s snout. In fact, the muzzle of an animal is the front part of its face. Guns have a muzzle as well, and it would make sense then that the muzzle of a gun is the front part. Like most parts of a gun, […]

parts of an upper receiver AR-15 bootleg

Parts of an AR-15: Upper Receiver

Firearms can be complicated pieces of machinery. In the history of gunsmithing, guns were notoriously hard and toilsome to make by hand because you had to have all of the component parts just right or you risked the possibility of your gun misfiring, causing severe potential harm. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution and […]

ar-15s for dummies bootleg

AR-15s for Dummies

Odds are, you’ve at least heard of AR-15s, having been used in mass shootings by people who should never have had the firearm in the first place. If not, it’s guaranteed that you have seen them in movies. These guns are extremely popular, with the estimates running somewhere between 5 and 15 million Americans who […]