Let’s Talk Length: Choosing a Handguard Rail Length

Legos are pretty awesome toys, right? Well, If you’ve been around the AR 15 community for any length of time, you’ve probably heard a nickname or two that speak to how easily customizable this subset of firearm is. So much so that some owners will lovingly refer to the AR as the “Lego gun.” And, […]

Is Direct Impingement Better?

If you’ve ever spoken to any owner of an AR 15, you’ll probably have noticed that we have a lot of opinions about our firearms. We can happily debate for hours about the benefits and detriments to a longer or shorter barrel length, the weight versus versatility of different handguard rail systems, and so on. […]

Components of the Bolt Carrier Group: Buying and Beyond

One of the most important things to remember about the AR 15, especially when thinking about function, is that the initial design was meant for military use. Sure, many owners today use the AR for hunting, home defense, and range time, but when the AR 15 was initially created, it was meant to fit a […]

Are AR 15 Barrels Interchangeable?

If you don’t have a good guess about the answer to this blog title’s question, you probably haven’t been paying a ton of attention to our blogs. Or to the AR 15 community in general. For those of you who are new to the AR community or doing some research before you make your purchase, […]

Is an AR 15 Good for Hunting?

If your favorite way to spend a fall weekend involves thermoses of coffee, early mornings, and quietly stalking game, the very few tools you take with you to go hunting are all vital. After all, you don’t want to be so weighted down you can’t move without clanking, but you also want to ensure you […]

Before You Change Handguard Rail Systems

  We’ve said it before and we will undoubtedly say it again (and again and again): one of the biggest benefits of the AR 15 is how fully customizable it is. Do you want to take your AR hunting? Choose your scope and mount accessories quickly so you don’t waste time while you’re out in […]

Which AR 15 Does the Military Use?

“Mil Spec” is a phrase that gets tossed around pretty frequently when talking about the best AR accessories and upper assembly modifications that can be made to the AR 15. The goal is to get those components as close as possible to the version of the firearm made for the US military. While AR parts […]

Is the AR 15 Good for Home Defense?

As an AR 15 upper assembly parts company, the team here at Bootleg, Inc. has heard a wide variety of stories from different firearm owners over the years, including a range of reasons why they purchased an AR to begin with. For some, it was previous military experience and familiarity with the firearm while, for […]

Choosing Handguard Rails and Accessories

We love the AR 15. You’re probably pretty big fans too, if you’ve made your way to the Bootleg, Inc. blog, so we don’t need to spend ages extolling the virtues of this particular firearm. However, if you’re new to the AR world, or still on the fence about purchasing one for yourself, we could […]

AR 15s: Gas Impingement or Piston?

Modular and customizable are two of the most common descriptors when it comes to talking about AR 15s, to the point that they almost feel like marketing buzzwords. But the truth is, talking about the AR’s customizability and modular nature so frequently makes sense because that is, pretty much across the board, what owners love […]