Can You Give a Gun as a Gift? Part 2

Whether you’re thinking about handing down an heirloom rifle that’s been in the family for generations or you’re contemplating sending your kid off to college with their first firearm, many of us contemplate giving a gun as a gift. It may seem difficult, but if you’re willing to jump through the hoops and do the research, it is possible to give a firearm as a gift and do so legally. Of course, it’s not as straightforward as “purchase firearm, wrap nicely, give.” With Christmas rapidly approaching, now is the time to get planning so you have the time necessary to figure out what steps to take in order to give your loved one the firearm they’ve been asking for. If you’re just now tuning into the Bootleg, Inc. blog, be sure to check back for part 1 of this blog series.


Purchasing and Ownership

So, speaking very broadly, it is possible to purchase a gun as a gift. The biggest hurdle will generally be whether the recipient is legally allowed to own a firearm or not. As you probably imagine, it’s illegal to purchase a firearm for someone if they aren’t legally allowed to own a firearm. That means that if you’re planning to give a firearm to your kid, and they’re still young enough to be considered a juvenile in your state, well, you’ll want to wait until they’re old enough to legally own a gun. Then, of course, comes the issue of transferring ownership. This will vary state to state and region to region, so the easiest answer is to check with your local licensed firearms dealer. In addition to learning local laws and transferring ownership, here’s what else you’ll need to keep in mind:


Crossing State Lines

The second part of transferring ownership is the actual physical transfer of the firearm. There are ways to legally ship a firearm, but most important is this reminder: it is unlawful to ship a firearm of any type to a non-licensed recipient. This means that yes, you can ship a firearm through some common carriers (excluding U.S. Mail), but the recipient will need to already hold a firearms license. Of course, there are a few caveats here. First, you will need to ensure the firearm is unloaded before shipping, and you will need to declare that the package contains an unloaded firearm. Yeah, we know, another “duh” statement, but an extra reminder may keep you from accidentally incurring federal charges. Second, the legality of sending a firearm through the mail will depend on the type of firearm and the state in which you live. Another reminder: it is unlawful to send any firearm to a recipient who is a resident of another state. In order to transfer both the firearm itself and the license, you’ll need to go through a licensed firearms dealer.

Avoiding The Hassle: Gun Purchasing Alternatives

Of course, that can be a lot of hassle to go through and the steps to transfer a firearm legally may very well ruin the surprise before the holiday gift giving hour has come. If you don’t know exactly which firearm to choose, or whether it’s legal to purchase a firearm for that person, there are plenty of other options that are a great deal easier to purchase and gift. The AR 15 is a great firearm option for gift giving because all of the components of the upper receiver can be easily purchased legally. So, if your loved one already has an AR, think about purchasing components, like a new carrier group or other custom AR parts. This way, you can purchase a gift legally and more easily, and your loved one will be able to enjoy a wanted surprise. How you figure out which components they want, however, is up to you.

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