Best AR Accessories

Welcome to Bootleg, Inc! Our veteran-owned AR-15 accessory store offers everything you’ll need to custom build your AR, from handguards and carriers to upper receivers and low-profile gas blocks. Our mission is to make your AR-15 comfortable to shoot so that you will shoot more and have a fun time doing so. These versatile firearms serve as self-defense weapons, are great for hunting, and are popular for shooting competitions. AR-15s are durable, accurate, and easy to customize. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our AR parts and accessories. We invite you to shop our custom AR parts, including our carrier completion kit, today!

Upgrading A Cheap AR – Worth It?

The AR 15 is often jokingly called the “Lego gun” for a reason. It’s possible to go and buy one from a licensed seller then replace every component of the upper receiver to the point that it isn’t recognizable as the firearm you initially purchased. Of course, since the various components of the upper can […]

Weighty Matters: Does Your AR Need To Lighten Up?

If you’ve been around the AR 15 community for any length of time you’ll likely have noticed a common trend: AR owners love to debate. Whether it’s the merits of one handguard rail style over another or which optic options are best, you’ll notice that AR owners can get into some pretty lengthy — and […]

Cost Versus Quality: Choosing the Best AR Accessories

You’ve probably all listened to a buddy, a family member, or that guy always at the range go on and on about why this manufacturer or that option is the best out there. Maybe they love to extol the virtues of a KMR handguard, or they tell you’ve they’ve found the perfect upper receiver kit. […]

Are AR 15 Barrels Interchangeable?

If you don’t have a good guess about the answer to this blog title’s question, you probably haven’t been paying a ton of attention to our blogs. Or to the AR 15 community in general. For those of you who are new to the AR community or doing some research before you make your purchase, […]

Is the AR 15 Good for Home Defense?

As an AR 15 upper assembly parts company, the team here at Bootleg, Inc. has heard a wide variety of stories from different firearm owners over the years, including a range of reasons why they purchased an AR to begin with. For some, it was previous military experience and familiarity with the firearm while, for […]

How Interchangeable are AR 15 Accessories?

The short-and-sweet answer is pretty darn. You will likely hear it time and time again from AR 15 enthusiasts: one of the biggest advantages this firearm has over so many others is how easily customizable it is, from the charging handle to the barrel length and beyond. As we discussed in our past blog, the […]