Carrier Group

Welcome to Bootleg, Inc! Bootleg specializes in making custom AR accessories for your AR-15, including our Carrier Groups. We offer our Complete Four Position Adjustable Carrier Group that is machined from s7 tool steel, features a lithium isonite coating, adn has an adjustable vent system. Made with all standard MIL-SPEC components, you can rest assured that our Carrier Groups will protect your firing pin carrier, and more. When you are talking about the part that takes the brunt of the recoil from your AR-15’s gas system, you need to make sure it’s the best. Shop Bootleg’s Bolt Carrier Groups today!

How do I adjust my Bootleg adjustable carrier group?

A big thanks to David Bahde for giving a brief overview on how to adjust your Bootleg, Inc. adjustable carrier and showing the carrier in action! In the video below, Bahde gives a great overview of the Bootleg, Inc. adjustable gas block bolt carrier group, including how easily you can change the suppression settings with

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