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Does the Bootleg Upper Receiver have M4 feed ramps?

The feed ramps on the Bootleg AR 15 upper receiver are cut so that either 45 degree barrel extensions or 52 degree barrel extensions will work. All Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) rifles use 52 degree barrel extensions, but many other manufacturers use 45 degree Bootleg, Inc.’s assembled upper receivers are designed to work with either…

Install Ejection Port Cover Assembly on Upper Receiver

AR-15 Ejection Port Assembly This assembly consists of: Ejection Port Cover Ejection Port Cover Pin Ejection Port Cover Spring Ejection Port Cover Pin Snap Ring (Not needed for the Bootleg Upper Receiver) Upper Receiver 1.AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Pin Snap Ring and Ejection Port Cover Pin Carefully place ejection port cover pin snap ring in…