Cost Versus Quality: Choosing the Best AR Accessories

You’ve probably all listened to a buddy, a family member, or that guy always at the range go on and on about why this manufacturer or that option is the best out there. Maybe they love to extol the virtues of a KMR handguard, or they tell you’ve they’ve found the perfect upper receiver kit. Whatever the case, when an AR owner finds the perfect part, you’ll probably hear all about it. But if you’re still not satisfied with your AR 15’s set up, there are better ways to find the best AR accessories and parts than simply wading through page after page of components online, or hoping your local stores have a decent selection. With a few criteria, you can narrow down your search, to help yourself find the best options based on your needs and find the balance between cost and quality.


Going Beyond the Price Tag

When it comes to cost, we normally think specifically in terms of the dollar amount that it will take to purchase a given item. But one of the other big things to keep in mind is that the initial expense isn’t the only cost that should be associated with your purchase. Whether you’re buying a complete upper assembly or you’re looking for something smaller, like replacing your carrier group, there are a few things to weigh when comparing prices. Of course, the actual price tag is important, but a low-cost part or accessory can also mean that it may wear out more rapidly and need more frequent replacement. Depending on what materials a given component is made with, how it is made, and even whether it is coated or otherwise treated will determine how well the best AR accessories and parts may last. So, before you sort that online list of parts from low to high, look into the materials, learn about different production methods, read reviews, and see whether it might be worth paying a bit more for an AR part that might last a good deal longer.


Questions to Ponder


The AR 15 is often called the “LEGO gun” for a reason. Your intended purpose can have a pretty good impact on how you choose to customize your AR, so the first question you should always be asking yourself when searching for new parts and accessories is what you need that part to do. Think about overall functionality, not just basic function. The components you’ll want if you take your AR hunting will probably vary fairly widely from those you’ll choose if you primarily use your AR for range shooting or home defense purposes. For example, think about one of the most basic accessory categories, the grip assistant. Someone hunting with their AR might prefer a lightweight, low profile, textured rail panel or handstop where someone who participates in a lot of competitions might prefer a more hearty, durable, and stable vertical foregrip. Whether you’re looking for a particular AR accessory as a new part of your setup, or you’re on the hunt for a replacement piece, the biggest factor shouldn’t necessarily be price, it should be what you want that part to do for you.

Choosing Wisely

Of course, there’s more to choosing the best AR accessories and parts than the price and the function. Be sure to stay tuned to the Bootleg, Inc. blog for part two, in which we’ll dig even deeper into aspects to consider that may matter more than just price. Fortunately for those who want to find the best AR accessories and components, there are an abundance of manufacturers who make custom AR parts. On the flip side, that does mean even more options to wade through. The Bootleg, Inc. team works to design and make the best AR accessories and parts so you don’t have to hunt all over for options. Whether you’re on the hunt for a build-it-yourself upper parts kit or you just want a few pieces to complete your upper, you can shop Bootleg, Inc. online. Explore our options online, including our proprietary handguard rail system, which meshes the durability of the Picatinny rail system with the ease and security of the Bravo Company (BCM) KMR handguard. Explore handguards and more online today!

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