Do You Want To Wreck Your AR? Try These Tips For Better Care

Whether you’re a brand new AR owner or you’ve spent years creating the perfect upper receiver assembly, you want to take great care of your AR 15 — and all of your firearms, of course. But there are some common misconceptions that get passed around firearms owners communities to the point that they seem as verifiable as fact. If you want to provide proper care and help your AR 15 last as long as possible, make sure you are not:


Avoiding The Wipe Down

Sure, it says stainless steel, but stainless does not automatically equate to impervious to all damage. If you never wipe down your firearms, layers of sweat, dirt, and other corrosives will accumulate and eventually generate rust spots. It’s a small place to start, but be sure you’re taking the time to wipe down your AR on a regular basis.


Slathering On Oil

Proper lubrication helps your bolt carrier group slide smoothly, the charging handle gliding properly, and keeps every other part of the upper assembly from grinding and wrecking parts. Yes, you can replace any part of the upper with custom AR parts, but why pay for new components if your current setup works beautifully? That being said, there is such a thing as too much. Make sure you aren’t over-oiling because too much oil can encourage dirt and debris to collect in those hard to clean crannies inside your gun.


Suffocating Your Gun

Whether you live somewhere with high levels of humidity or not, you’ll want to be careful of how you store your AR. Be careful that you aren’t storing it anywhere that air can’t circulate around it. Trapping air can mean trapping it in a corrosive environment. If your AR 15 is stored for months or years in the same stagnant air, humidity and corrosives don’t have a chance to circulate away and you could open the case to find your barrel rusting, inside and out. Instead, make sure it’s stored in a temperate area with a bit of air circulation to help minimize issues.


Leaving It Lying Around

First of all, if there are ever kids in your house, leaving a firearm propped against the wall (or anywhere in easy reach) is a huge no-no. But even if it’s just you and other responsible, gun-knowledgeable adults in the house, it’s still not a good idea to leave your AR anywhere it could be knocked over. Safety concerns aside, this is practically begging for topples, dents, and damage to the carefully fitted mechanisms that keep your AR 15 working smoothly. Want to help your gun last? Take the two minutes necessary to put it away properly.


Trusting Work To An Unknown

The AR 15, like any other firearm, is a carefully designed piece of machinery. Just because your buddy says he knows a neat trick to help stop that recurring issue doesn’t mean you should automatically trust him to know what he’s doing — especially if he offers to do so for the low, low price of a couple of beers. If your AR needs work and you don’t feel confident in doing it yourself, make sure you trust your firearms to someone reputable.


Buying Shoddy Parts

The AR 15 is great for those who want to truly personalize a firearm. But one surefire way to wreck your firearm is to prioritize price over quality. It’s absolutely possible to find custom AR parts that are nicely priced, but be sure to give the reviews a read, check for quality materials, and make sure each component fits your setup properly. A loose or tight fit could cause some serious damage.

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