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Parts of an AR-15: The Muzzle

When you hear the word “muzzle,” you might think of your dog’s snout. In fact, the muzzle of an animal is the front part of its face. Guns have a muzzle as well, and it would make sense then that the muzzle of a gun is the front part. Like most parts of a gun, […]

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Parts of an AR-15: Upper Receiver

Firearms can be complicated pieces of machinery. In the history of gunsmithing, guns were notoriously hard and toilsome to make by hand because you had to have all of the component parts just right or you risked the possibility of your gun misfiring, causing severe potential harm. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution and […]

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AR-15s for Dummies

Odds are, you’ve at least heard of AR-15s, having been used in mass shootings by people who should never have had the firearm in the first place. If not, it’s guaranteed that you have seen them in movies. These guns are extremely popular, with the estimates running somewhere between 5 and 15 million Americans who […]

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Gun Safety Tips While Being At Home

With almost all of us spending a lot more time at home than we’re used to, there are some changes that you may want to make. Of course, there’s the usual reorganizing, experimenting with new home recipes, and DIY crafts. However, while you’re taking the time to do that, you should also take the time […]

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Why Shooting Is a Great Quarantine Activity

At this point, COVID-19 needs no introduction. It’s nearly the middle of May, and most counties in the U.S. have experienced some form of lockdown for the last month or so. We’ll all remember this period as the 2020 quarantine, and when your kids or future generations asked how you spent it, what is your […]

Three AR-15 Hunting Tips

The AR-15 is the best-selling rifle in America with an estimated 15 million ARs being owned as of the beginning of 2018. With more people owning AR-15s, they have been used for hunting more often. Here are a few tips for hunting with an AR-15. Know Your Hunting Laws Knowing laws, in general, is important […]

Guide on the AR-15

We’ve talked about numerous things in our education center including things to take to the range, making a lightweight AR, gas systems, barrel lengths, and cleaning and maintenance. Now it’s time for a general guide for the AR-15. Whether you’re new to the AR world or you know your way around a rifle, hopefully you’ll […]

AR Cleaning and Maintenance

With anything you use, it is going to eventually need to be cleaned and properly maintained. There is no exception for your AR. If you’re a veteran, you definitely remember how often you cleaned your firearm. Properly cleaning and keeping excellent maintenance for your AR is vital in order for your AR to perform at […]

The Perfect Barrel Length for Your AR-15

One thing that we love and emphasize here at Bootleg Inc, is that the AR-15 is almost completely customizable. There are so many components that you can add, takeaway, shorten, lengthen, and switch. You can check out our accessories here. There are a lot of things you can do, but what components are right for […]

A Short Guide To Building A Short Barrel Rifle

One of the most appealing parts of the AR-15 is the fact that it is so easy to customize. Its modular design, bevy of accessories and parts, and the wealth of information available on the Internet makes it easy to build the rifle to meet your needs. It’s no surprise then that nearly every AR-15 […]