Will the Bootleg Upper receiver work with the Enhanced 9 mm AR bolt?

If you are using the JP 9mm carrier,  it will work great with our Bootleg upper receiver.  You will need a standard door without the deflector.  We just put one together so we will get photos of the full upper assembly posted soon.

Do I need a special dust cover and rod to build your Bootleg Upper?

No, you don’t need a special rod or door to install on your Bootleg upper receiver.  You will not need a C-clip though.

What types of materials are used in your Carrier Completion Kit?

Our carrier group bolt completion kit is comprised of the following materials:

  • Firing pin retaining pin is made from 1038 Steel Wire
  • Bolt 9310 (steel) coated in phosphorus
  • Cam pin 4340 (steel)
  • Firing pin 4140 (steel)

If you are using the Bootleg adjustable carrier do you need an adjustable gas block?

No, you will not need to use an adjustable gas block.

Where can you purchase lowers to match the Bootleg AR 15 upper receiver?

You can purchase a complete or stripped lower receiver to match the Bootleg stripped upper receiver for sale from our sister company Primary Weapons Systems.

I was wondering if a Saker 762 suppressor would fit under the Bootleg handguard rail.

The interior dimension of the Bootleg PicMod™ handguard rail system is 1.675” wide x 2.05” tall. The interior dimension of the end of the handguards is 1.093″.  The gas block clearance diameter is 1.209″
Gas Block and Muzzle End Clearence

What are the 4 different settings that are on your bolt carrier group?

Position #1 (U) (No Venting) Unsuppressed with standard ammunition

Position #2 (first dot) Unsuppressed with heavy military ammunition

Position #3 (second dot) Suppressed with low back pressure suppressor or light commercial ammunition

Position #4 (Full Vent) High back pressure suppressor

Every rifle and configuration will have different dynamics. The Bootleg Adjustable Carrier gives the user maximum control to adjust the venting in a way that gives them function and control. A heavily gassed rifle may function on all four setting unsuppressed, but pressure is still being relieved to reduce carrier speed. Having the carrier set to the incorrect setting with your carrier group configuration will induce malfunction, so take the time to find the right setting for your rifle setup.