How do I adjust my Bootleg adjustable carrier group?

A big thanks to David Bahde for giving a brief overview on how to adjust your Bootleg, Inc. adjustable carrier and showing the carrier in action!

In the video below, Bahde gives a great overview of the Bootleg, Inc. adjustable gas block bolt carrier group, including how easily you can change the suppression settings with the bolt carrier group either in or out of your AR 15. He also demonstrates the difference between firing with the gas unsuppressed versus suppressed. Learn more about Bootleg’s best adjustable gas block bolt carrier group, and let us know if you have further questions!


  1. Fist time out the range I was having trouble turning the adjustable screw it seems to be really hard to turn I didn’t try to over do it was worried that I was missing something so didn’t keep trying to turn it, is there something that needs to be done before you can make adjustments?

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