How To Store Your Firearms Safely

Life in the 50s, 60s, and 70s was quite different from our lives now. Back then, cars were driven without seat belts, bikes were ridden without helmets, and guns were stored on wall racks. If you grew up in a hunting family, guns were just as common as forks and knives. For most, the “don’t touch” rule was enforced to prevent unwarranted use of the guns.

The same rule was made for a variety of other things around the home, too. Although this policy may have worked for a number of families, it may not work for yours. In this article, Bootleg wants to share a few ways on how you can store your guns safely so that your family is not put at risk.

Store Your Firearms Safely

Which gun safe is the best one for you? That’s for you to determine. Devices and safes are designed for specific purposes these days so keep that in mind. Back in the day, safes were essentially a small box with lock and key. Now, they come with all kinds of features, benefits, and more. Devices have advanced, too. You have no shortage of choices.

Lock Your Trigger

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable option, a trigger lock is a great way to go. The device keeps unauthorized users from loading or firing the gun. You can get them in a variety of places, online and in-store. You can also find a number of different brands. Remember, these devices come into direct contact with your trigger so they should never be installed on a loaded firearm.

Gun Case

A case for your gun is another great option. There is a case for virtually every commercially available firearm. Cases can range from foam-lined plastic containers to padded fabric sleeves. The main role of a gun case is to protect one or more firearms from damage. What’s more, most cases can be “legally” locked for gun transportation. You will want to make sure and check your local regulations, since they do vary across cities and states.

Strong Box or Security Case

These devices are for those who want the security of a safe and the portability of a gun case. Manufacturers wanted to provide gun owners with an anti-theft option for their gun carriers. Both strong boxes and security cases can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers to fit your needs. You can also find multi-gun boxes or cases. Finally, there are programmable biometric fingerprint reader secured devices to store your guns.

Steel Gun Cabinet

If you want increased security for your gun storage, a locked steel gun cabinet is a great option. The internal configuration options are also abundant. Cabinets are different than safes, however. The cabinet has a thinner gauge of steel, which reduces its weight and potential protection strength — even though it’s a solid choice for storage. Some cabinets can hold up to 18 guns at 54 inches long. That’s a lot of firepower you can store safely.

Gun Safe

As the safest gun storage for the average gun owner, a gun safe is a superior choice to any other storage option already mentioned. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to easily transport the safe — for some obvious reasons. The safe is larger, and it’s heavier.

A few features you want to keep in mind when buying a safe are:

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Rating
  • Lock Type

As you shop for your gun safe, keep in mind that the “fancier” the safe, the more expensive it will get. Ultimately, you want to find the safe that fits your needs and protects your rifles, as well as those who will be around the safe without authorization to handle your guns.

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