On The Fence? 5 Reasons To Own An AR-15

If you already own an AR, sorry but this blog isn’t for you — unless you want a refresher on what you already know. Let’s face it, if you already own an AR-15, you’re well-familiar with all the benefits. For those of you who are still on the fence, or maybe need some additional support in the ongoing debate with your significant other, here are our top reasons to own an AR-15.


It’s Your Right

Your Second Amendment right, that is. When it comes to your right to bear arms, the Second Amendment says that right “shall not be infringed.” Our nation’s Founding Fathers believed in this so strongly it’s number two on the list of additions to the Constitution — following behind the Amendment about freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly. As far as exercising your right to bear arms goes, the AR-15 is a great option because of the high level of versatility it offers (and because of the other reasons on this list).


It’s Good For Learning

Is it time to start teaching your kid, significant other, or someone else how to shoot? The AR is a good starter firearm for anyone, women and youth included, because of the comparatively low recoil and lighter frame. Add on a KMR handguard or other lightweight rail option and you can add on accessories that help provide a stronger grip without a ton of added weight. The easy modification ability means you can make it work well for yourself and for your ten year old.


It’s An Interesting Hobby

The AR-15 is a spectacular option for anyone looking to pick up a new hobby. It’s often referred to as the “Lego gun,” and for good reason. Pretty much every part of the upper assembly can be replaced so you can modify the gun and truly make it your own. You can start with an upper receiver parts kit to build it yourself or exchange parts on a pre-built setup. Whatever you choose, the AR is a great option if you like to tinker. And, even after you get your upper assembly just the way you want it, choose a handguard rail and begin wading through the best AR accessories for even more customization.


It’s Solid Home Defense

Choosing a firearm for home defense can be a tough proposition. Unless you live alone, you should consider choosing a firearm that your spouse or any other adults/teens in the house can also safely handle. We often suggest the AR-15 for home defense is the same reason we suggest it for newbies just learning to shoot. It’s a good versatile option that just about anyone can learn to handle safely and with a decent level of accuracy. Whether you choose the AR or any other firearm, just be sure anyone in the household who might need to use it for home defense can do so safely and comfortably.


It Works For Hunting & Farm/Ranch Protection

Yes, we know, the AR-15 isn’t generally the first or second choice firearm for hunting. Even though it doesn’t top most lists, it’s still a great option, especially if your quarry is on the smaller side. The AR can be modified to chamber larger rounds if you’re interested in deer hunting, but it’s a good option as-is for smaller creatures like wild hogs or coyotes. The design also means you should be able to go from relaxed to ready without much fidgeting, giving you a leg up for both hunting and in protecting your farm or ranch from vermin.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of reasons to choose the AR-15. We haven’t even gotten into the benefits of adding a KMR handguard or other handy accessories. Want to learn more? Explore Bootleg, Inc. online for more information about the AR and our custom AR parts.

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