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Parts of an AR-15: Shell Deflector

Guns have sure changed since their first invention. They have gone from relatively simple machines with a handle and a tube (more or less) that used black powder to send a bullet forward rather inaccurately to our modern day firearms that are made from the best metals and plastics, last an extremely long time if well cared for, and that consist of many moveable parts that interact to produce a machine that can be accurate hundreds of yards away.


Over the centuries, humans have tweaked firearms to fit their needs, adding accessories here and there to not only make them better at their job of hitting their intended target, but to also make them more comfortable to shoot and wield. Thus, you’ll discover that many parts of a modern day firearm have nothing to do with the actual mechanism of shooting, but instead have everything to do with making the gun more convenient to shoot with. The shell deflector is one of those parts that is for the shooter’s convenience rather than for functionality.


Bootleg offers the best AR-15 accessories, including a complete upper assembly, custom AR parts, and complete adjustable carriers. We only use the highest-quality materials, and everything is made in the United States. We offer an extensive education page, as well as instructions on installation under our FAQ page. We want to make it insanely easy for you. We also offer support services, so contact us with any questions you may have. Below, we’ll go over in-brief the shell deflector. Contact our AR-15 accessory company to get started today!


What is a Shell Deflector?


When you shoot an automatic or semi-automatic firearm, you can have a lot of spent shells flying. Thus, a shell deflector is a device attached to your firearm that will help deflect the spent shells and put them where you want them. As the shell is ejected, the shell will hit the deflector. This changes its flight path from sidewards and behind to forward. This is also a safety mechanism as sometimes shells can be dangerously close to your eye or hit your face. This is not only a hazard to the shooter, but also to those standing around because the sudden shock can cause the shooter to jerk the gun possibly in the direction of others.


Furthermore, if you are left-handed, shell deflectors can be a lifesaver. The deflector also slows down the spent shell as it is deflected so that it doesn’t travel as far. If you’ve ever spent the day at the range shooting, you know that empty shell casings can add up quickly. This saves you the hassle of hunting in the bush for them.


Another cool AR-15 accessory is a shell catcher. These nifty little items are tiny bags that can be mounted on your rail that will catch the shells for you when you fire, eliminating any stooping after you are done shooting. Most have a zipper at the bottom for easy emptying. These cool items can be real time savers indeed.



Bootleg offers our high-quality AR-15 parts and accessories online and in gun stores near you.  You can use these as replacement parts or for use in your new AR-15 builds. We offer almost everything you need to custom build your AR, from our Bootleg PicMod Handguards to our Mil-Spec Carrier, BLEM Bootleg Mil-Spec Complete Upper, our Low Profile Gas Block, and so much more. Our mission is to not only be your go-to for AR-15 accessories for your build, but to also ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We offer a gentleman’s guarantee on all of our AR parts and accessories.


We are a veteran-owned company who wants to make it easy for you to build your AR-15. We are constantly striving for improvement and innovation, and customer feedback is always welcome. We offer many resources for your learning on our site, as well as many YouTube videos for help with assembly of our AR-15 products. One of the beautiful things about AR-15s is that you can customize them and make them truly unique and personalized to you. Bootleg helps you do just that. Visit us online, and contact us today!

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