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Bootleg PicMod Handguard (Retail 209.95) When you want that extra layer of hand protection and better accessory mounting without the weight, try a Bootleg Inc. handguard. Our specially designed handguard rail has a Picatinny rail on top and our specially designed PicMod handguard rails on the other three sides. This technology combines both Picatinny and KeyMod rail systems so you can attach nearly all KeyMod and Picatinny accessories with ease. Get the best of both worlds with Bootleg, Inc.’s specially designed handguard rail system today!

  • Extruded 6061 aluminum to keep weight down
  • MIL-SPEC hard anodizing for durability
  • Full length MIL-SPEC Picatinny top rail
  • PicMod rails allow mounting KeyMod and Picatinny accessories
    • Specs:
      • 9″ Handguard
        • 7 oz without mounting hardware
        • 1.675” wide, 2.05” high, 9.2” long
        • Designed to work with any barrel 10.5” or longer
      • 13″ Handguard
        • 8.6 oz without mounting hardware
        • 1.675” wide, 2.05” high, 13.4” long
        • Designed to work with any barrel 14.5” or longer
      • 15″ Handguard
        • 9.6 oz without mounting hardware
        • 1.675” wide, 2.05” high, 15” long
        • Designed to work with any barrel 16” or longer


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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 3 × 3 in


Mounting Hardware

With BCM KMR Mounting Hardware

10 reviews for Bootleg PicMod Handguard

  1. Jacob Betsworth

    This handguard is a steal of a deal!!! I have them installed on 3 different uppers and they are strong and lightweight. The open design allows tons of airflow and keeps the barrel cooler during long strings of fire. For this price it is one of the best deals around

  2. Tom C.

    I replaced my fighting rifle’s Daniel MFR12.0 with the 15″ version of this rail earlier this year as well as using the same rail on a fresh “fun” build – I haven’t regretted either yet.

    The KMR mounting system is rock-solid and simple to install, the rail itself is beautifully machined both aesthetically and functionally, the size and proportions fit perfectly in the hand, and Pic-Mod is my favorite mashup since hookers met blow.

    The profile is slim and compact without being awkwardly tiny, attractive and light without becoming fragile, and its oblong (taller than wide) shape allows more forgiving choices between gas blocks.

    I haven’t honestly found a single drawback or con to this handguard yet, and don’t anticipate finding any in the future. It’s taking my abuse without complaint, and looking pretty damn sexy doing so.

    11.5/10, would recommend. I’ll be buying another for my next build.

  3. Kiley Huffstetler (verified owner)

    By far the best handguard I’ve used yet. These things mount up rock solid. The pic mod setup is awesome. You can mount a light at the 3 o’clock position and not have it stick out a mile. This will be my go to rail from here on out.

  4. Tyler Thompson

    Fantastic rail system for serious shooters! Brilliant idea, with excellent execution, at a great price. This rail will go on many future builds. Mine is light weight, solid lockup, to spec- everything you can ask for and more.

  5. Chuck Boelter (verified owner)

    I was super happy with the Upper and Rail when I got them. But FYI the 13″ rail Will NOT work with a 13.7″ barrel if you plan on mounting a suppressor. There is not enough Bbl exposed to attach the can after it is installed. This has totally thrown off my whole lightweight build. Pay attention to the listed dimensions.

  6. Brent

    Honestly was SUPER excited about this rail. Mounted it up and was rock solid and an awesome rail….then I started setting up my rifle only to realize the pic mod on the sides wouldnt work with ANY of my light setups I have used. The pic spacing is really a 2 rail gap which prevented all of my thorntail mounts from working. I tried my surefire x300 as well and the light doesnt fit tight with the usual pic mount thats been super tight on my other rails. Didnt think or realize tthat the side spacing would be different as it mentions light mounts working but this rail doesnt work running the setups I have.

  7. John Fenley

    First off I would like to say that this is the best rail for a rifle. It doesn’t add extra bulk if you want to add a light or grip at the end by needing key mod rail panels. It’s light and it’s sturdy as all hell. The inside diameter is a reason I got it, namely that it’s very thin. I do not run suppressed(I refuse to wait 8 months for someone to tell me that I can use a device to protect everyone’s hearing). Now, to the part that isn’t exactly discussed: Fitting and gas block compatibility. Dictator gas blocks WILL fit. If you work it over with a Dremel a little on the bottom of the block. BUT this also means the handguard will heat up a lot if you shoot a lot. Fitting is a pain but it is well worth it in the end. This is the first rail system I have installed that I would feel comfortable mounting a bayonet on; it is that rock solid. 10/5. I only wish they would offer a shorter length than 9″. Keep up the awesome work, guys.

  8. Matthew Gawne

    Purchased this for use with an Odin Works intermediate length barrel and adjustable gas block. The handguard appear to be good quality, but the narrow PicMod front area makes contact with the gas block and covers the detent adjustment screw. Bummer. I really like the looks of it, but it won’t work for my build.

  9. Curt Robinson (verified owner)

    Just purchased the 15” handguard on sale after searching for over a week for a rail for a new build. After looking at dozens of manufacturers rails I thought this one looked like it matched up with a standard milspec A4 upper receiver where it transitions to the rail at the barrel nut from a looks perspective. After receiving the rail I would say the machining quality is just as good as many high end manufactures. Fit, finish and looks is exactly what I wanted. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one.

  10. rylan downs

    I got this rail on a complete bcm upper 14.5in mid i purchased. i wanted a lightweight rifle and wanted to be able to attached a surefire 600 scout to the front. i am able to do that and the rifle is great!

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