A suppressor, or a silencer, is a device created to fit on the muzzle of a firearm and reduce the noise of the gunshot. It can also help to reduce the recoil, which is the backward movement you feel from the force of the project firing forward. A silencer works by lowering the speed and pressure of the gases that emit from a firearm when you pull the trigger. Muzzle flash is also reduced by the use of a suppressor.

Bootleg offers a wide variety of high-quality AR 15 parts and accessories, so you can build your own AR. From upper receivers to bolt carrier kits and gas tubes, we’ve got your needs covered. So why invest in a suppressor for your AR-15 or other firearm? We’ll answer that question by giving reasons below. Shop our AR parts online today!


Protect Your Hearing

The discharge of a firearm is incredibly loud. The typical sound level of a firearm is about 140 decibels. Any sound over 120 decibels is considered dangerous to your hearing and a noise level that can cause harm. Hearing protection, such as ear plugs or ear muffs, only reduce the sound by about 20 or 30 decibels, still making the sound of a gunshot loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss. A high-quality suppressor can help reduce noise levels by 20 to 40 decibels. Thus, when you wear ear protection and invest in a suppressor, you can shoot without having to worry about hearing loss.

For Hunting

In many states, you can legally hunt with a gun suppressor. These AR-15 accessories don’t spook the game as much when you fire a shot, so if you miss, you’ll have time to try again before your prey runs off. It also allows you to shoot multiple animals, which is why you’ll see gun suppressors used by those hired to take out nuisance animals such as wild hogs. It’s also nice to use when you are hunting with others, with kids, or in an area where people may hear the gunshot.

Reduces Recoil & Muzzle Flash

Recoil is a major reason people cite for not shooting or for shooting significantly less than they otherwise would. It can make people feel less in control, and you can get some pretty gnarly bruises while shooting a rifle if you don’t shoulder it correctly. Thus, a silencer or suppressor helps to reduce recoil, which makes your shooting experience more enjoyable all around. Muzzle flash is the light that you see after firing. This light can be quite bright and distracting when shooting in low light. People say they shoot more accurately when they use a suppressor because there is less of a jerking motion. They are also great for beginners to get used to firing a gun.


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