Still On The Fence? 5 More Reasons To Own An AR-15

We’re fans of the myriad benefits the AR-15 has to offer. That should be fairly obvious given that our focus is on making the best AR accessories and custom AR parts we can. We may be a bit biased, but for good reason! If you follow our blog, you’ll know we recently started digging into what makes the AR-15 such a great, accessible firearm. If that wasn’t enough to convince you (or your spouse), don’t worry. There are still plenty of other reasons the AR is a solid choice. Here are a few more to help your decision-making process.


Recreational Use

Do you find that you end up swapping between multiple different firearms when you head to the range? That’s not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, we definitely recommend doing so to keep up your skills with every firearm you own. However, we recognize there are some days that you don’t want to haul around all that stuff. You just want one. The AR-15 is a great option for both shorter distances and longer ones, and can let you spend some time plinking and working on your long-range accuracy without swapping to a different firearm.



Okay, we’ll readily admit that the AR-15 isn’t a good option for a concealed carry firearm. But that’s not necessarily what we mean. What we’re talking about in this case is the fact that the AR-15 was initially developed for military use (as the M16). It was created to be light enough to carry for hours, along with ammunition, and to go from resting to a strong shooting stance quickly. In the event of a home invasion or any other emergency situation that necessitates swift reaction, the AR-15 was literally designed to work well in those scenarios.



Do you like to challenge your skills and see if you can come out on top? Entering shooting competitions is a great way to see how you stack up against others in your area. It’s also a good way to see how your own skills increase from one competition to the next. One of the more popular options is the 3-gun competition, a combination race, obstacle course, and shooting competition in which the AR-15 excels.



It’s probably fair to say that gun ownership and use is a predominantly male domain. The number of women joining their dads, brothers, spouses, or friends is steadily growing. But, because it’s been such a male-dominant interest for so long, many women find it hard to figure out where to start. Thanks in large part to the low recoil and lighter frame, the AR-15 is a good beginner option to encourage that interest. The fact that it can be easily customized also means it can easily be altered to fit a woman’s smaller frame when necessary. Many of the best AR accessories also come with traditionally female-friendly colors and customizability for further encouragement.


Disaster Preparation

Now, we’re not suggesting that zombies are real or that the apocalypse is imminent. Then again, who’s to say we aren’t on the edge of disaster? If you like to be prepared for any eventuality, the AR-15 is a prime option for disaster preparedness. A major reason we include disaster prep as a reason to own the AR-15 is that it was developed for combat use. Since it was developed to be light enough to carry for hours without major fatigue, and to go from relaxed to a strong shooting stance quickly, it stands to reason the AR-15 would be as useful in a disaster scenario as it would in combat situations.


Making It Your Own

Most AR owners only need one or two of these reasons to help support their reasoning. However, the overarching reason that makes the AR-15 worth it is the reason it offers so many different benefits and uses. The fact that the components of the upper receiver can all be swapped out and replaced means you can create an AR that’s immensely well-suited to your tastes and stature.

Get customizing to experience those perks for yourself. Shop Bootleg, Inc. online for the best AR accessories and custom AR parts and create the upper receiver setup that best fits your needs, whether that’s shooting competitions or home defense.

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