How To Tell If An AR Is Mil-Spec

Since the AR 15 was originally designed for military use, it stands to reason that mil-spec—or the military standard—parts are going to be some of the most well-designed options out there for customizing your AR. When we talk about mil-spec in the strictest sense of the word, we’re talking about the standards set forth for […]

Is an AR 15 Good for Hunting?

If your favorite way to spend a fall weekend involves thermoses of coffee, early mornings, and quietly stalking game, the very few tools you take with you to go hunting are all vital. After all, you don’t want to be so weighted down you can’t move without clanking, but you also want to ensure you […]

Which AR 15 Does the Military Use?

“Mil Spec” is a phrase that gets tossed around pretty frequently when talking about the best AR accessories and upper assembly modifications that can be made to the AR 15. The goal is to get those components as close as possible to the version of the firearm made for the US military. While AR parts […]