Three AR-15 Hunting Tips

The AR-15 is the best-selling rifle in America with an estimated 15 million ARs being owned as of the beginning of 2018. With more people owning AR-15s, they have been used for hunting more often. Here are a few tips for hunting with an AR-15. Know Your Hunting Laws Knowing laws, in general, is important […]

AR Cleaning and Maintenance

With anything you use, it is going to eventually need to be cleaned and properly maintained. There is no exception for your AR. If you’re a veteran, you definitely remember how often you cleaned your firearm. Properly cleaning and keeping excellent maintenance for your AR is vital in order for your AR to perform at […]

Common AR Problems

Common AR Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Visit any shooting range across the United States and chances are you’ll see at least one AR-15 rifle there. It’s considered by many to be “America’s rifle” and for good reason. They’re affordable, accurate, and can be used easily by shooters of any age or any size. And while modern machining practices have made AR-15s […]

On The Fence? 5 Reasons To Own An AR-15

If you already own an AR, sorry but this blog isn’t for you — unless you want a refresher on what you already know. Let’s face it, if you already own an AR-15, you’re well-familiar with all the benefits. For those of you who are still on the fence, or maybe need some additional support […]

Do You Want To Wreck Your AR? Try These Tips For Better Care

Whether you’re a brand new AR owner or you’ve spent years creating the perfect upper receiver assembly, you want to take great care of your AR 15 — and all of your firearms, of course. But there are some common misconceptions that get passed around firearms owners communities to the point that they seem as […]

Preparing For Your First Competition

How’s your competitive spirit? Do you go wild over any sports team on TV, or do you have to be involved in the action to get fired up? Do you feel driven by any type of competition, or only the ones relating to certain interests? Whatever your style, if you’ve recently decided it’s time to […]

Firearms Training Courses & Honing Your Skills

When you purchase a firearm, you don’t expect to immediately become a pro, right? Of course not. That would be pretty ridiculous! That’s like buying a guitar and calling yourself a musician before your first lesson. With musical instruments, you build up your expertise over time with training and practice — and those skills do […]

Do You Clean Your AR Often Enough?

When you first started learning about firearms — any firearm, not just the AR 15 — what were the first lessons you learned? We’re betting it wasn’t how to take aim and fire. In just about every class, the first step is to introduce everyone to or review how to handle a firearm safely and […]

Eye Dominance & Sighting: The Basics For Better Accuracy

How’s your grouping these days? Are you looking for ways to improve your accuracy with your AR 15? Odds are pretty good that you’ve figured out just how many different elements can impact your accuracy. It could be your stance, your grip, where on your rail accessories are installed, or the overall weight of your […]

AR 15 Ownership & Home Safety With Kids: Try These Tips – Part 2

You’ve probably heard people say that “kids change everything,” and they’re absolutely correct. It’s not so much that having kids will mean you have to change jobs, stop listening to your favorite musicians, or any of those big things that are a part of you. It just means you’ll need to think a bit more […]