A Brief History of the AR-15

Have you ever wondered about the progression that took humans from gunpowder and explosive (and exploding) metal weapons to the highly engineered firearms of today? The easy answer is centuries of research, development, and experimentation, but, as with anything in history, there is more to it than that. Every component of your AR 15, from […]

Assemble the Bolt Carrier Assembly

The Bolt Carrier Assembly consists of: Bolt Bolt Carrier Bolt Cam Pin Firing Pin Firing Pin Retaining Pin AR-15 Bolt Assembly 1.AR-15 Bolt *Note: The bolt is complete and ready to be installed in the bolt carrier group. The Shilen Barrel we selected is match quality and the manufacturer headspaces and numbers the bolt (included […]

Installing the AR-15 Gas Tube and Gas Block

This assembly consists of: Gas Tube Gas Block Gas Tube Roll Pin AR-15 Inner Barrel Retainer Nut, Outer Receiver Nut, and Upper Receiver Insert AR 15 gas tube into gas holes on inner barrel retainer nut, outer receiver nut and upper receiver. Make sure the end with the three holes (these are for the gas […]

Upper Receiver Information

Forged– When making forged custom AR parts, the forgings are pieces of material that are formed into a shape while at a high temperature, creating exterior features on the final product. This process of impact forming the material forces the grain structure of the aluminum to align with the general shape of the finished product, […]