The Difference Between Free-Float And Drop-In

You’ve just purchased a new AR-15, and you’re looking for the best accessories to add to it. What you find online may be overwhelming. There are dozens of brands selling hundreds of AR rifle upgrades. If you think it’s going to take weeks to find the right setup for your rifle, you’re not alone. Many […]

5 Ways To Improve AR-15 Shooting Accuracy

Do you want to shoot more accurately with your AR-15? Some would say you need to spend more time at the range, but this does not take into account the ease of use you could have with your rifle. Others would say that you need to switch rifles, but this does not account for the […]

Want A New AR-15 Handguard? Here’s What To Look For

Did you start your AR-15 handguard search online yet? Have you spent hours searching “best AR-15 accessories” in your favorite search engine? If you’re confused, overwhelmed, or have seventeen different handguards on your list, you’re not alone. A common hurdle for shoppers in the AR-15 accessory category is the abundance of options. When you look […]

On The Fence? 5 Reasons To Own An AR-15

If you already own an AR, sorry but this blog isn’t for you — unless you want a refresher on what you already know. Let’s face it, if you already own an AR-15, you’re well-familiar with all the benefits. For those of you who are still on the fence, or maybe need some additional support […]

Competition Shooting: 5 Tips To Help Improve Performance

If you’ve been following the Bootleg, Inc. blog lately, you’ll know we’ve been going over the basics of competition shooting. As we’ve explained before, competitive shooting is a great way to test your abilities and give you specific metrics to use to help you improve. Now that you’ve made it through your first few competitions, […]

Firearms Training Courses & Honing Your Skills

When you purchase a firearm, you don’t expect to immediately become a pro, right? Of course not. That would be pretty ridiculous! That’s like buying a guitar and calling yourself a musician before your first lesson. With musical instruments, you build up your expertise over time with training and practice — and those skills do […]

4 Reasons Shooting Practice Is A Necessity

How many times in your life have you heard that old adage that “practice makes perfect”? Sure, it may have been an excuse for your parents to encourage you to go outside and spend an hour running off energy in the name of “practicing” for your chosen sport, but that old adage has stuck around […]

Dry Firing Drills: Keep In Practice Out Of The Range

If something is going to go wrong with a firearm, wouldn’t you like to know before you add ammo to the mix? Keeping your AR 15 in good repair by cleaning and checking each component for wear will go a long way to minimize the risk of a jam or misfire. Another good way to […]

Handguard Rail Options: A Visual Comparison

When it comes to choosing a handguard rail, the options can feel overwhelming. Do you want a drop-in or a free float? Do you stick with the standard Picatinny handguard rail, or do you try one of the more modern options? Do you want rails all the way around the barrel or just on top? […]

Do You Clean Your AR Often Enough?

When you first started learning about firearms — any firearm, not just the AR 15 — what were the first lessons you learned? We’re betting it wasn’t how to take aim and fire. In just about every class, the first step is to introduce everyone to or review how to handle a firearm safely and […]