Before You Change Handguard Rail Systems

  We’ve said it before and we will undoubtedly say it again (and again and again): one of the biggest benefits of the AR 15 is how fully customizable it is. Do you want to take your AR hunting? Choose your scope and mount accessories quickly so you don’t waste time while you’re out in […]

Choosing Handguard Rails and Accessories

We love the AR 15. You’re probably pretty big fans too, if you’ve made your way to the Bootleg, Inc. blog, so we don’t need to spend ages extolling the virtues of this particular firearm. However, if you’re new to the AR world, or still on the fence about purchasing one for yourself, we could […]

Picking a Handguard Rail System For Your AR 15

Choosing a handguard doesn’t seem like it’s that much of a decision; after all, it’s just an added bit of material to protect your hands as your AR’s barrel heats during firing. It’s not even a required component so, as long as it does the job, that’s all that matters, right? False. A handguard ought […]

What is the interior diameter of the Bootleg, Inc. PicMod™ handguard rail?

If you are looking to put a suppressor under your handguard you will need to know what the interior diameter is. The Bootleg, Inc. handguard rail with our lightweight combination of both PicMod™ and Picatinny rail sections has an internal diameter of  1.08″. For further information about installing the Bootleg, Inc. handguard rail to your […] talking about Bootleg Handguards

We love to see when one of our custom AR parts is hitting the discussion board! If you have experience with our combination Bravo Company KeyMod rail and Picatinny rail system handguard, go add your experience! To learn more about our custom designed PicMod® handguard rail system, check it out here and see what all the hype […]

Thank you, Jerking the Trigger!

Bootleg, Inc.’s custom-designed PicMod® handguard rail was recently featured on tactical gear reviewing site Jerking the Trigger. Their post digs deeper into one of our most popular custom AR parts, our PicMod® handguard rail! This handguard rail combines the modular ease of the Picatinny mount rail system and the lightweight and modular style of Bravo […]