Bootleg's adjustable bolt carrier group is a MUST for anyone running a suppressor on an direct impingement AR. Much easier than installing an adjustable gas block, and it works exactly as advertised. I went from worrying about running my can on my DI AR, to preferring it. Plus, Bootleg is owned and operated by FANTASTIC people. Can't recommend them enough.
Austin Knudsen
Adjustable BCG is LEGIT! Even if you’re not running a suppressor I’d still recommend it. Now, if you are running a suppressor...seriously just buy this BCG...no don’t think just get it. No more gas in the face and super soft “recoil”.
Ryan DeYoung
Great customer service. Patiently answered all my questions and explained operating concepts even when they did not pertain to a product they specifically sold. Offered support anytime and was curious as to if product i purchased met my needs. Thank you again for your help. Regards
Alex James
Very responsive customer service( Thanks Adam"), Great quality parts and Bootleg Inc stands by there products. Thanks for all the help and keep putting out quality and affordable parts.
John N Tricia
I just put my first rounds through my Brand new bootleg 14.5 Upper today. 10 Rounds to zero, then started banging steel all the way out to 400. This things shoots soft and is accurate as all get out. You guys are gonna make me have build another in 10.5. Awesome product!
Robert Christian