Top Reasons to Own an AR-15, Part 1 bootleg

Top Reasons to Own an AR-15, Part 1

Back in the day, there was little choice in firearms. There were limited brands, and almost all types operated the same way. You could choose from a pistol, a shotgun, or a rifle. While these evolved over time to become a bit more technical, the selection of firearms remained very much the same. It wasn’t until the need arose (World Wars I and II) that firearms began to become more technical, specialized, and more makes and models emerged.

Bootleg, Inc’s mission is to provide the highest-quality products and information for anyone who would like to build their own AR-15. From AR 15 upper receivers and bolt carrier groups to charging handles and low profile gas blocks, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll go over some of the top reasons to own an AR-15. Browse our AR-15 parts and accessories online today!



While the whole point of society, government, and laws are to protect you, that does not mean that you are 100% protected. With the number of errant shooters on the rise, and the fact that it takes on average between five and six minutes for the police to respond to a 911 call, being able to defend yourself and your family is a top concern for many Amercians.  Most likely the number one reason people own a firearm is for self-defense, and probably the number one firearm they turn to is the AR-15. The AR-15 is easy to use, is accurate, reliable, and is a semi-automatic, which makes rapid fire crucial in a self-defense situation. 


Many people love to shoot for fun and recreation. Like any sport, shooting skills take a lot of practice in order to be good, and shooting is most definitely challenging. It’s a mental workout, but one where you can still breathe and talk to your friends. Going out to the range on a nice afternoon is a great way to relieve stress and get better with your firearm. AR-15s are some of the funnest guns to shoot, especially as you gain skill and accuracy.


Filling the freezer is a job many Americans undertake when fall comes. After all, there’s nothing quite like eating meat from an animal you killed yourself. Plus, big game meat is super healthy, lean, low-fat, and delicious. Many people forget that the AR-15 is a rifle, first and foremost. When you hunt, if you’re not hunting with bows, it’s most likely with a rifle. AR-15s and AR-10s make great hunting rifles. They are perfect for small game and some large game, like deer. They are light to carry, so while you’re tracking your prey, you won’t become overburdened. They are on the smaller side for a rifle as well.

For Survivalist Reasons

While many people laugh and scoff at “doomsdayers,” preppers, and survivalists, being prepared for the unknown is always prudent, despite what the critics think. The reality is that no one knows what the future will hold. No one could have predicted the COVID pandemic, just like no one could have predicted any of the other major world events from the past, such as the World Wars, the Black Plague, and more. If one day an asteroid hits the earth and wipes out half the world’s food and population, if there is an uprising in the United States like the Civil War, or if we are invaded by another country, those that have firearms will have the upper hand.


Bootleg supports those looking to customize their AR-15s so that they are comfortable and fun to shoot. We offer almost everything you need to build your own AR-15 and make it unique to you. Sure, you can purchase one, but why not make one truly your own? We can help by answering any questions you may have about our AR-15 parts and accessories, and our education center has great articles to help you customize your AR-15. You can check out our YouTube channel as well where we post great videos not only on our parts, but also on ARs in general. Once you get started on your own AR-15 build, you won’t look back.

If you are interested in any of Bootleg’s AR parts and accessories, browse our site, and order today!

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