Top Reasons to Own an AR-15, Part 2

There is a lot to consider when choosing which firearm to purchase. From a handgun to a shotgun or a rifle, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to shooting. It’s best to fully understand your needs, wants, and uses before coming to a decision. For many gun owners, rather than narrowing down their choices, they purchase many types of firearms to use for different purposes rather than just one. Since firearms are becoming increasingly specialized, this is a good alternative as well.

Many people, however, land on the AR-15 as their choice in a firearm. As we saw in our last blog post, many people choose an AR-15 for self-defense, recreation, hunting, and for survivalist reasons. Below, we’ll take a look at a few more top reasons to own an AR-15. Browse Bootleg’s best AR parts and accessories online today!


For Learning

An AR-15 is a top choice of firearms instructors in the United States for many reasons. First, it has very low recoil, which is why many people don’t learn to shoot. This makes it a great firearm for kids and women to learn on. It’s also a good size so as to not be overwhelming to kids and others when they first begin to shoot. Plus, because an AR-15 is incredibly fun to shoot, it’s a good way to get more people involved in the sport of shooting and in gun ownership. Once people get over their initial fears and impressions and become comfortable shooting an AR-15, they discover they love it. This only adds to the number of people who own firearms in America.

Can be 100% Customizable

Since the AR-15 is such a popular firearm, there are hundreds of aftermarket AR-parts and accessories you can use to truly make the AR-15 your own and fit your firing needs. They are easy to build and take apart, which makes them easy to customize as well. Bootleg offers a wide array of AR-15 parts you can use to customize with, from our Bootleg Enhanced AR-15 Upper Receiver to our MIL-SPEC Carrier, both of which are CNC machined and made out of the highest quality metals available. We have made it super easy for you to customize your AR-15 to fit your needs and style with the ultimate goal of you making your AR-15 perfect for you. After all, you won’t use it or shoot it if it’s not comfortable. Browse our AR-15 parts and accessories today!

It’s Your Right

Owning a firearm is protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. When America was founded, almost everyone owned a gun because it was necessary to survive. Many people argue that since it’s not necessary, they don’t need a gun. Herein lies the rub: if you don’t exercise your civic duty to own a firearm and protect yourself, it will one day be taken away. That is a dangerous scenario when you consider a foreign invasion or even a coup by a communist dictator. While times may change, human nature does not. There will always be those who want power and who will fight for it (aka Hitler). There are also people who are willing to harm others to get what they want. Sometimes you have to fight evil with firepower.


Bootleg is a veteran-owned online shop for the best AR-15 parts and accessories for those looking to build their AR-15 or customize the one they have. From the look to the feel of the AR, once you begin the build process, the sky’s the limit.

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