Want To Hunt With An AR-15? Here’s Why Others Are Making The Switch

When you think of an AR-15, what comes to mind? Military use? Police applications? As AR15s slowly creep beyond military and police use into the hunting world, the rest of society has an opinion on the matter. You can scour social media for government senators stating that the AR15 is “not for hunting.” Others are claiming that rifles are the problem. Not many are talking about common sense and responsible use of rifles in general.

With all that being said, AR-15s tout more modularity, efficiency, and caliber options. They are versatile, and they are revolutionizing how hunters down prey. What’s more, hunters are moving from traditionally used hunting rifles to the AR-15 for the reasons listed above and many more. But what’s convincing hunters to abandon traditional hunting rifle setups and adopt modern sporting rifles?

The Reasons Why Hunters Switch To The AR-15

If you’ve ever been around someone who knows about AR-15s, they have most likely said something on modularity. The AR-15 is extremely customizable to the hunter’s desires and preferences. Whether the hunter is taking down elk or small game, the AR-15 can be modified to fit the use. The best AR accessories are a matter of preference more than manufacturing. Traditional bolt-action rifles are limited on modularity, which is one reason hunters are making the switch to the AR-15.

Hunters who routinely stalk their prey will find the AR-15 modularity extremely useful. They can make quick, easy switches between an ocean’s worth of uppers and lowers to satisfy hunting needs in real time. There is not “break-down” like traditional rifles. Furthermore, the range of calibers that the AR-15 allows enhances the ability for hunters to down different types of game in one hunting trip, instead of focusing on one and only one type of game.

The range of caliber options alone is a huge reason to make the switch from traditional hunting rifles to the AR-15, but that’s not the only reason gun owners are talking about.



Those who hunt either served in the military or police force or they know someone who has served. This influence on hunting is widespread, and it encourages those who use traditional rifles for hunting to make the switch to an AR-15. Also, many of these folks believe that one shot is all you need, but if you miss or need a follow-up, the AR-15 allows for this in short order, whereas, the traditional hunting rifle forces a manual bolt-action before firing again.

Where multiple targets are a priority in hunting, a traditional rifle limits firing capability, and an AR-15 improves firing capability.

Finally, the AR-15 has gotten its fair share of bad press. It’s considered the “bad boy” of the rifle world. For the most part, it’s a popular rifle, and it’s beneath a public microscope. However, hunters, who make the switch from traditional rifle to sporting rifle, will find the benefits of the AR abundant and useful while hunting.

Here are some of the benefits using the AR-15 while hunting:

  • Modular
  • Multiple Calibers
  • Compact
  • Semi-Auto
  • Familiarity

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