Want To Improve AR-15 Accuracy? Here’s One Way How!

You are an AR-15 rifle owner. You shoot with a purpose, and you shoot with accuracy. What’s more, you’re constantly finding ways to challenge yourself to get more accurate with your shots. Most rifle owners spend more time at the range, shoot more rounds, and simply “grind” it out day after day. What most don’t know is that training your ability to shoot your handgun more accurately will improve your AR-15 accuracy. In this article, Bootleg goes over the major factors in how this approach to improving shooting accuracy works.

Improve Your AR-15 Shooting Accuracy

As any kind of precision rifle shooter, you want to hit the target down range more often — if not every time you squeeze the trigger. Also as a shooter, you probably get wrapped up in shooting your rifle that you forget to look outside your skill set to find other ways to improve your current performance. Here are the primary reasons why rifle shooters should train with their handguns more often:

#1. The Basics Matter

When you hear, “get back to the basics” what do you think? Most shooters will sigh and request that they be relieved to go fire down range with their rifle; it’s how they’re going to improve accuracy, right? In most cases, this would be the educated move. However, training with a handgun can help remind your mind and body of the basics of shooting. You have to focus on the simple, foundational process of firing a handgun, which forces you to do what you need to hit the target accurately. Due to the increased probability that you miss your target with a handgun, you will focus harder and fine tune those accuracy skills. The basics are what fine tune your rifle shooting skills, as well.

What’s more, how you carry your weapons in tandem need to be brought back to your attention. You may carry only your rifle, but what happens when you add a handgun on belt? Can you till effectively retrieve and shoot your rifle? Can you quickly retrieve your handgun and effectively shoot it with the weight of your rifle across your shoulders? The answer to these two questions can determine a lot about going back to the basics with your handgun accuracy.

#2. Transition Training

Want to improve accuracy in one position? Shoot from another position, whether standing, kneeling, or prone. Transition from one position to another, sight, and shoot. The movement will engage your brain and dial in your ability to quickly sight and fire with ultimate precision. Remember, this isn’t a process you can simply watch a video and be a master. You need repetitions, practice, and — potentially — a trainer.

#3. Split Training Time

When you go to work your rifle, schedule handgun training, as well. The ratio of time between your rifle and your handgun is up to you; however, we suggest you do a 4:1 rifle to handgun time split. This means if you spend four hours on your rifle, spend another hour on your firearm. You will slowly see your accuracy improve as you fine tune those basic and more advanced skills. If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, consider getting a trainer to really dial in your skills.

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