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Why Shooting Is a Great Quarantine Activity

At this point, COVID-19 needs no introduction. It’s nearly the middle of May, and most counties in the U.S. have experienced some form of lockdown for the last month or so. We’ll all remember this period as the 2020 quarantine, and when your kids or future generations asked how you spent it, what is your answer going to be?


Unfortunately, for many of us, the answer will be “not much.” And that’s not even for a lack of wanting — the simple fact is that so many things are shut down, that many people can’t even pursue their hobbies, interests, or even do their jobs. While there’s a clear purpose behind the quarantine, we wouldn’t blame anyone who feels like they’re losing their mind a little.


It’s important to find fun and fulfilling activities to keep us busy during quarantine. And, at Bootleg, Inc., we have the perfect answer — going shooting! We admit that we certainly have a bias here, but if you’re on our website already, looking for quality handguards, carriers, and receivers for your AR rifle, it’s pretty safe to assume that you already have a vested interest in guns. Here are some reasons why shooting is a great way to spend your time in quarantine:

It’s a Socially-Distanced Activity

If you go to a gun range, there’s certainly the option that you’ll be in close contact with other groups of people. There’s certainly a chance you could get sick, though that’s assuming your shooting ranges are even open right now.


However, there are far better ways to go shooting than to go to a range. You likely already know this, but BLM lands allow you to go shooting however you please, and it’s typically a far more satisfying experience than being held down by the rules and regulations of gun ranges. Not that we’re advocating for unsafe or irresponsible shooting. On the contrary — when you go shooting on your own, there’s even more of a responsibility to practice proper gun safety and be hyper-vigilant of how you handle your arms, because nobody is there to enforce it. 


But assuming that you find a nice place to set up some targets, and everyone in your group is well-trained in safe shooting, this is a fantastic way to practice one of your favorite pastimes without the looming threat of infection. You’ll be well isolated from other groups, and you can even create distance in your own party by setting up different shooting stations. Out on remote land, with only your close friends or family to join you — you’ll be well-isolated from the virus, and as long as you’re on land where shooting is permitted, you won’t have anyone coming to get you.

It Allows You to Get Outside

Getting some distance from crowds is certainly a benefit during these times where we’re advised to avoid any large gatherings. But there’s probably something else you’ve been itching to get some distance from — your home.   


If you’re feeling the effects of cabin fever, you’re not alone. It’s certainly possible to spend long amounts of time in your home when it’s cozy enough, but sometimes you just have to get out. Going to a park is nice, but it’s not quite as nice when you’re constantly having to mind social distancing rules.


A session of recreational shooting will take you far out to open land. And with summer approaching quickly, there’s no better opportunity to go spend some quality time with Mother Nature. There are countless benefits to getting outdoors, such as lower stress levels, increased motivation, and much more. In a global pandemic where many people have been confined to their homes, it really is a life-saver being able to find a good excuse to spend time outside.

It Allows You to Test Out Your New Toys

No one would argue that COVID-19 has been a good thing for the world at large. Between the death tolls, the economic implications, and the general level of unease it has caused throughout the whole world, we can confidently say that we’d rather live in a 2020 where COVID-19 never happened. 


However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some silver lining in it. There are some silver linings to come out of the pandemic, and one of those is the amount that people have been able to pursue their interests and hobbies. Legions of Americans have found themselves with much more free time on their hands, whether it’s because their evenings just aren’t eventful anymore, they’re working from home, or they’ve been furloughed.


For gun hobbyists, there’s much work to be done. There’s something that’s deeply satisfying about customizing your firearms, especially if you own an AR-15, which is rife with options for accessories and modifications. If you’ve got some downtime during quarantine, why not spend some of it modding your AR-15?


At Bootleg Inc., we provide high-quality AR-15 accessories such as handguards, carriers, upper receivers, and much more. Quarantine is the perfect time to order some new gear and try it out on the field.

You May Not Have to Spend Money

Another big concern during the COVID-19 lockdown is finances. Many people are in a dubious financial position due to furloughs, small businesses shutting down, or a lack of demand for their services. And despite the relief checks and unemployment bonuses, it’s not a great time for a lot of people to be casually spending money on purchases they don’t need.  


Your mileage may vary on this one, but for many gun owners, shooting can be a highly enjoyable quarantine activity that doesn’t break the bank. This all depends, of course, on how much ammunition you’ve stocked up. A lot of AR-15 owners love to stockpile ammunition, and they’ll be quick to buy it any time there’s a sale. If you’ve got hundreds or thousands of rounds ready to go, quarantine is a great time to put them to good use. 


Meanwhile, if you lean more conservative in your ammo-hoarding, you might not have enough to go ham in a recreational shooting session. Given that ammo can vary from being bank-breakingly expensive to cheap as dirt (depending on the type, quality, and brand), you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s a justifiable quarantine purchase. 

Quality AR-15 Accessories For Sale

We’re all going a bit nuts during the COVID-19 lockdown, but sometimes the best way to decompress is to do some recreational target shooting out where no one will bother you. We all know that guns are incredibly fun to collect, customize, and, well, shoot. What good is it having a collection if you can’t use them?


To escape the madness of cabin fever, we encourage you to take a trip out to some open space where shooting is permitted. You get to check off several boxes at once — quality outdoors time, bonding time with loved ones, and an excuse to indulge in your hobby.


At Bootleg, Inc., we create high-quality accessories for AR enthusiasts. Check out our handguards, gas blocks, charging handles, upper receivers, and more if you want to take your AR-15 to the next level. Next time you drive out for some recreational shooting, be sure to equip yourself with one of our accessories. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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