Why Survivalists Need an AR bootleg

Why Survivalists Need an AR

Survival is a basic human instinct that we all have deep inside of us. In fact, sometimes we do things that we don’t necessarily understand because of this instinct. Since the dawn of time, our activities have mainly focused on doing the things we need to do to survive. From hunting animals to building shelters, growing crops, and building fires, for most of human history, our activities have solely been geared towards survival. It has only been in fairly modern times that humans have had the luxury to engage in other activities outside of survival. That being said, the need to survive is still what drives many of our daily activities, including work.

Bootleg Inc offers the best AR accessories and parts for those looking to customize their AR-15 or for those looking to build their own. Our line of accessories include the Bootleg Camloc M-LOK, lightweight adjustable carriers, and upper receivers. We are passionate about helping you have the best possible parts for your AR. If you have any questions at any time, please reach out to our team. Below, we’ll go over why survivalists need an AR. Shop our best AR parts online today!

What is a Survivalist?

Survivalists are those who specialize in learning survival skills in case they need them. This would include building a fire, finding food in nature, learning how to purify drinking water, and more. In essence, if they were stranded in the wilderness, they learn the skills they need to survive. Survivalists are also those who prepare for the end of the world by either building a bunker or stocking up on goods, such as food and toiletries, to survive a man-made catastrophe, such as a nuclear war.


It’s Accurate

The AR is a firearm that is accurate, easy to use, reliable, and deadly. Maintenance and cleaning are simple. The AR-15 can be disassembled, cleaned, and put back together again in less than 10 minutes. It is an easy firearm to customize, whether you purchase your AR-15 accessories from us or you choose to make your own. This ability means you can perfectly tailor the AR-15 to your shooting style and comfort, and with practice, the firing of your AR can become second nature.

You Can Build Your Own

In fact, the AR-15 is one of the few firearms you can build from scratch, using basic hand tools and with little-to-no experience. This means that in a survival situation, you could build your own AR, especially if you had the spare parts, such as our upper receivers and adjustable carriers. Our handguards are top-notch as well. From our Bootleg PicMod Handguard to our Carrier Completion Kit, we’ve got your needs covered. Shop our AR-15 custom accessories and parts today!

It’s Incredibly Durable

The materials that your AR is made out of are built for extensive use and firing. You can fire thousands of rounds without any wear and tear, especially if you invest in an upper receiver from Bootleg. Engineering with 7075 aluminum and being extremely lightweight, our AR upper receivers have MIL-SPEC Hard Anodizing and a forward assist.

Available Ammo & AR-15 Accessories

In reality, the AR-15 is probably the most popular firearm in the United States. Virtually every American police department uses the AR-15, and the U.S. Military uses variants of the AR, such as the M16 or the newer M4. This means that ammunition is not hard to come by, with a lot being manufactured to keep up with demand. Let’s face it, a firearm is useless if you don’t have any ammo. The ammunition is also affordable since it is plentiful. That being said, as a survivalist, stocking up on AR-15s and their ammunition would not be hard.

The AR-15 is Safe & Effective

If you are looking to take down anything or anyone, the AR-15 would be your choice of weaponry. It can penetrate most body armor, you can fire a lot of rounds quickly, and it’s incredibly accurate at close range, which is where most confrontations take place. Its direct impingement gas system is simple and effective and can handle most hard knocks. The ammunition of the AR-15 offers no over-penetration risk (passing through its intended target and striking an unintended target). It is extremely powerful, leaving fatal wounds in its victim. In fact, the AR-15 has now become a favorite for hunters as well for large game because it is extremely lightweight, accurate, and powerful.


The AR-15 is the perfect self-defense firearm. They are lightweight, easy to use, easy to load and fire. They are safe firearms, and they have a ton of AR accessories and parts as well. Your whole family can learn to use them. They are multi-purpose, allowing you the ability to hunt with them, enter competitive shooting competitions, or shoot for recreation.

Bootleg Inc offers the best in AR-15 handguards that offer heat-insulated surfaces and make a great attachment point for your other AR accessories, such as a scope or tactical lights. We also offer our Bootleg Four-Position Adjustable Carrier, which is the heart or “action” of your AR. In addition, we carry AR-15 upper receivers, charging handles, low-profile gas block, Bootleg SBN Gas Tube, and so much more. We are passionate about helping you customize your AR, or help you build your own.

Here at Bootleg, we believe that it’s so important to have a firearm that suits you, and we do our best to offer the highest-quality custom AR-15 parts. Whether you are a survivalist, a competitive shooter, a novice, or a gun enthusiast, we have what you need. With a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, a great return policy, and more, our online AR accessory shop has everything you need to create the perfect firearm for you. On our website and YouTube channel, we have many educational materials to help you build a better custom AR-15. Most of our AR-15 parts you purchase are accompanied by an online video with instructions on their use and great tips for customization. Browse our AR-15 barrel parts selection today!

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